skin & wound infection diagnosis
impacting treatment & follow up
Transforming skin & wound infection diagnosis, impacting treatment & follow up

Wound care
accounts for roughly
10% of annual
medicare expenses.

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The standard care for skin infection diagnosis & treatment is cumbersome, slow, & often painful.

Standard Care
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At Sensill™, we are developing a novel, breakthrough technology to diagnose skin infections rapidly & noninvasively, plus making diagnoses quantitative & inexpensive.

Sensill Care
  • With traditional techniques, identifying infectious microorganisms can take days, forcing patients to wait before they can receive their targeted antibiotics.
  • Sensill technology will aim to rapidly (non-invasively, at the point of care) identify & quantify infectious microorganisms (bacteria or fungi) so the appropriate medication can be prescribed immediately after the initial diagnosis plus response to treatment can be monitored continuously until the infection has resolved.

Sensill analyzes volatile organic compounds in order to identify & quantify microorganisms.

Bacteria emitting VOCs
Volatile Organic Compounds Infectious Bacteria or Fungi Skin

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted by all bacteria & fungi, each species having a signature combination of VOCs.

The olfactory systems of dogs are highly sensitive to VOCs, enabling them to detect anything from explosives & drugs to cancer & infection. A similar technological approach can be employed to assist doctors in the detection of the same VOCs.

Sensill is developing patented technology to identify specific microorganisms by their unique combinations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Sensill is innovating technology to detect VOCs with a proprietary, noninvasive, point-of-care technology.

The Sensill™
Diagnostic System

Sensill is developing a diagnostic system that will allow doctors to rapidly & noninvasively diagnose skin and wound infections, plus continuously monitor the response to therapy at the point of care.

Sensill System

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Sensill is developing a diagnostic system to be...


Sensill technology intends to help minimize the need for expensive skin biopsies with an economical solution.


Sensill aims to analyze emitted volatile organic compounds within minutes, identifying & quantifying the infectious bacteria during the initial diagnosis.


Sensill plans to provide an accurate identification & quantification of the infectious bacteria or fungi, comparable to but more efficient than traditional methods.


The Sensill diagnostic system intends to avoid skin biopsies making it far easier than traditional care. An entirely noninvasive procedure.


The Sensill diagnostic system intends to be easy to carry between patients & battery operated making it ideal as a portable device.


The Sensill diagnostic system intends to be easy to use & operate by all health professionals.